Leadership Circle ($5,000+)

Brenda and Joe Carter
Ginny Clements and Tom Rogers
Stephan Constantinou
Dr. Thomas George and Dr. Colleen George
Brian and Kristine Herzog
Dr. Robert Horn and Pete Fava
Kelly and Daniel Kasprzyk
Celeste Keaton and Lisa Brummel
Mike and Barbara Marlow
Marjorie and Dr. Sam McClanahan
Dan and Teresa Moran
William Morrison
Michael and Karen Nesbitt
Keith and Cynthia Newlon
Randy and Kim Ohlinger
Preston and Marsee Parsons
Mike Pinnix
Dr. Jack Robinson
Col. Rebecca Seeger
Mike Sims and Dr. Patricia Treharne
Hon. Dan Slayton
Dr. Fredricka Stoller and Dr. William Grabe
Nancy and Rich Wilson
Gregory Winn and Mary Winn-Radcliffe
Nackard Pepsi

Lumberjack Legend ($2,500-$4,999)

President and Tom Cheng
Angela and Jim Davis
Paul and Jenna Ernster
David and Terri Hill
Stephanie and Bradley Ingram
Marc and Nicole Irmer
Steve and Kathleen Jackson
Susan and David Madden
Mike and Barbara Marlow
Kimberly Ott
Dr. Abraham Springer
Kevin and Carol Stephens

Peak Performers ($1,000-$2,499)

Sharon and John Akin
Diane Allie
Eric and Nancy Andrews
Gus Baber
Craig Barker
Lisa and Vince Beemiller
Lon and Jean Bradle
John Brown
Shane and Julie Burcar
Bob Crozier
Ellen and Stuart Cutler
Michael Dominguez and Kimberly Vercauteren-Griffin
Sara Eby and Brian Strini
Brooke and Scot Elder
Dan and Megan Finn
Robert and Juanita Gillis
Dr. Mike and Chris Glover
Sheri and Cory Holland
Steve and Teresa Holmes
Dr. Eugene Hughes and Dr. Margaret Hughes
Lt. Col. Steve Jarvis and Diane Jarvis
John and Kara Kelty
Brent and Jennifer Malmstrom
Frank Marretti
Dr. Brent and Deja Moseng
Ken Murphy
Debra Nankivell
Kirsty and Christopher Nash
Bruce and Joan Nordstrom
Robin and Mark O’Connor
Robert and Deanna Prida
Dr. Bryan Shanahan
Brian Strini and Sara Eby
Mitch and Ana Strohman
Monika Swanson
Melody and Jack Taylor
Neil Wesson
Ray and Karen Whitten
Nancy and Gregory Wilson

True Blue ($500-$999)

Brian and Ann Blue
Ewa and Maciej Bogusz
Steven Bowyer
David and Louise Brown
Louise and David Brown
James Burnett
John Clements
Rebecca and Kenneth Colgate
James and Katherine Collins
Angela de la Cruz
James Devens
Nancy Evans and Joseph Hazel
Ferrel and Mary Freer
Judi Frerichs and Dr. Wayne Frerichs
Lawrence and Margaret Friedrichs
Mark Furr
Greg and Lisa Gibbs
Dr. William Grabe and Dr. Fredricka Stoller
Marlo Haring Barnum
Joseph Hazel and Nancy Evans
David and Jeannie Larberg
Debbie Larsen
Carol Lindsay
Nancy and John Lowe
Jenni Maines
Terry Makinster and Vicki Steadman
Karen and Richard Mayfield
Heidi and Beale Monday
Craig and Angela Moody
Dr. Bruce Moseng
Timothy and Becky Oder
James Parrish
Bonnie and Mark Pratt
Donald Rolle
Thomas and Mary Ruetten
Steven and Dolores Scott
Kevin Small
Fred and Kathy Smith
Robert Vreeland
Joseph Wagner
Dr. Joseph Walka
Fred and Sally Warner
Ken and Christine Whelan
Keith Widener
Guy and Heather Zeigler
Jennifer Zieler

Skyjacks ($50-$499)

Melissa and Dr. Tom Acker
Joseph Acker
Heather and Trevor Ainardi
Annette and Blaine Akine
Rico Alderete and Stephanie Smith
Susan Allen
Joshua and Krista Allen
Michael Anderson
Roger and Nancy Anderson
Lucinda Andreani and Kerry Blume
Denise Arens
Mark Aspey
Robert Auza
Jill and William Babb
Justin Bac
Dr. John and Victoria Bacon
Patti and Robert Baldwin
Lynda Ballantine and Dana Boast
Kellee Barney
Cody Bashore-Perales
Marc Bautista
Christopher and Corinne Bavasi
Bruce Bedortha and Delaine Renard
Mary Bedortha
Bradley Bedortha
Mark Bellis
Charles and Nancy Bene
Doug Bennett
Arthur Besser
Ann and Russell Bigler
Brian and Karen Bitsky
Lisa Bliss
Joel Blitzke
Dr. Kathy and John Bohan
David Borsheim and Eva Johnson
Blair Boynton
Dr. Rick and Jeannine Brandel
Diane and Bruce Branstrom
Carolyn and Thomas Bronz
Martha Brook and Col. Eric Lewis
Robert and Nancy Brown
Charles and Julie Bruni
Charles and Sandra Brunk
Ed Bular
Margaret Burns
Anne and Mark Buzzard
Debbie and Gino Campiotti
Richard Cariño
David Carriere
Paul Chadwell
Shonta Chaloux
Patricia Chapman
Jeremy Christopher
Dan and Joann Clark
Mark and Gretchen Comings
Bryan Cornn
Gregory Cox
Larry and Harvest Crittenden
Craig Cunningham
Dr. Meredith and Bryan Curley
Christopher Curran
Derek D’Avignon
Charles and Sandra Davis
Elizabeth and Kris Davis
David Degroote
Manuel and Karen DeMiguel
Marcia Dibble
Kelly and Gabriel Donatell
Ernest and Patricia Dora
David Downes Jane Thompson
Chris Drake
Rachel Dunlap
Timothy and Tracee Dwyer
Cheryl Edgar
Bret Edman
Brian and Mary Eekhoff
Kate Elliott
Erin Engelmann
Todd and Raquel Evangelist
Bobbi Evans
KC Everett
Theresa Falk
Uri Farkas
Kimberly and Eric Fischer
James Foran
Rebecca Franti and Lori Mathis
Ed and Joy Gaeraths
Detrick Gammage and Chris Taylor
Frank and Jean Garcia
John Gartin
Dr. Kim Gatewood
Karl and Jeanita Gerety
Thomas and Gale Gill
Nancy Gillispie and Brian Hoyt
James and Vicki Graves
Susan Gray
Nathan Griffin
Bob Gunnarson
Joseph and Nancy Gust
Carolyn and Larry Hand
Heidi and Justin Hansen
Dr. Anne Hart and Dr. Elizabeth Brauer
Terry and Jack Hay
Ivana and Keith Haymon
Patricia and David Hayward
Mike and Julie Higgins
Michael Hlavac
Dr. Chonita Holmes
Michael Horne
Lisa and Steven Hoshor
Hiliary and Matt Howdeshell
Brian and Nancy Hoyt
Kendall Hunsaker
Debbie Hurst and Tom Ramsey
Stayson Isobe
Sharon Jackson and Ivory Washington
Dr. Donna Jagielski
Vernon and Karen Jamison
James and Lisa Jayne
Betsy Jenners Smith
Andy Johns
Brian and Christine Johnson
Stephen Johnson
Eva Johnson and David Borsheim
Dr. Harlan Johnson and Dr. Gae Johnson
Ronald Johnson
Sue Johnson
Jeffrey and Laura Jones
Molly and Travis Joralmon
Craig and Kathi Juntunen
Anthony Kazmer
Jacquie Kellogg
Nikki Kelsey-Huffman and John Huffman
Peggy Kennedy
Erin Kerchansky-Johnson and Chad Johnson
Ned Krack
Mary and George Krempl
Jeff and Patricia Kutter
Cherisse Kutyreff
Alex and Taylor Lais
Clearthur Lane
Noel Larson
Michael Lavelle
Robert Laxton
Tim Leahy
Arthur and Sonja Leeds
Jeff and Pam Leffel
Austin Leggett
Rusty and Jacki Lenners
Jerry Leonhard
F. Eric and Martha Lewis
Anna Lofgren
Jerry and Joanne Loynachan
Jacob Lundie
Joshua Mackey
Rhian Madrid
Gloria and Conrad Mallek
Kevin Manny
Daniel and Lisa Marcalus
Lori Mathis and Rebecca Franti
M. Jon Mayeske
Kevin and Anne McCabe
Brian and Leanne McClary
Dr. Bert and Karen McKinnon
Frederick and Linda Meek
Dr. Ramona and Dr. Michael Mellott
Cindy and Michael Mendoza
Richard Middleton
Dr. Suzanne Miles and Robert Mason
Jeffrey and Janet Miller
Jordan Miller
Roger Mink
Dr. Katrina Miranda and Kathryn Bartz
Rudy Miranda
Syed Moinuddin
Dr. James Monroe
Matt and Anne Moore
Arlo Morrison
JD Mowlds
Eugene and Molly Munger
Charles and Paula Narveson
Heather Nash
Shirley Navarro
David Nelson
Douglas and Deborah Nintzel
Gay Nord and Jaime Roig
Marina and Michael Oliver
Paul and Maraka Oltrogge
Cybeles Onuegbulem
Carol and Bob Orrill
Amy Ottesen
Michael and Desirae Oxendale
Sallie Page
Nancy Parent
Nori Parvin
Loree Payne
Raymond Perryman
Dr. Christian and Vivienne Petersen
Diana and Brent Peterson
Janice and Joe Petrucci
Chris and Amy Phillips
Jena and Jayson Phillips
Dr. Charles and Linda Pilon
Mary Elizabeth Potts
Jason Proffitt
Stephanie Ragland and Jerry Johnsen
Tom Ramsey and Debbie Hurst
Dr. Wally and Holly Rande
Dr. Lynda Ransdell
Kegan and Meghan Remington
Malcom Rigdon
Robert Robertson
Jennifer Rohrig
Jaime Roig and Gay Nord
Shannon and Robert Romero
Susan and Jeff Ross
Andy Ruckman and Beth Vechinksi
Karen and John Runberg
Peter Russell
Virginia and Timothy Sanford
Jim Sanson
Carolyn Saum
Christy and Kevin Schenck
Kevin Schenck
Lee and Larry Schnebly
Sandra and Eric Schrader
Rob Schulmeister
Rommy Sekhon
Nancy Serenbetz and Pete Hatfield
Rahman Shabazz
John Shannon
Shannon Shoots
Thomas and Donna Shrader
Jill and Robert Sloncen
Elizabeth Smith
Stephanie Smith and Rico Alderete
Christopher Socha
David and Nancy Starmer
Cindy Stine
Mark and Dorene Stone
Dr. Gayla Stoner
Blair and Beth Swain
Chris Taylor and Detrick Gammage
Vickie Tennyson
Mike Trinh
Thomas Turner
Merrilee Tyrolt
Mark Urick
Robert and Mary Van Peursem
Hon. Stephen and Sally Verkamp
Mara Vernon
Ross and Sheryl Vlietstra
Debra and Michael Wheelis
Samantha White
Dakin Whitmer
J Patrick and Caryl Williams
Sheila and John Wilson
Duane and Rebecca Witt
Steve Wong
Susan Wood
Todd Wyard
Stacie and Martin Zanzucchi